About High Potential

Founded in 2014


High Potential has developed assessments that have been translated into dozens of languages and used by over one million times. Our research combines a robust use of psychological research and psychometrics, practical workplace experience and innovative use of data and technology.

By integrating traditional psychometrics, sophisticated machine learning, and a wealth of human expertise, we can unlock the full potential of psychology to build workplace success.

These advanced tools can be employed to enhance self-awareness and promote a deeper understanding of others, laying the groundwork for building stronger teams, organizations,  workplace cultures, and ultimately drive performance.

High Potential Traits Indicator

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The HPTI was High Potential's first flagship assessment. Research and development began in 2011, it was made commercially available in 2014 through High Potential Psychology and in 2016 Thomas International became the exclusive worldwide distributor of the HPTI.

Global Media Engagement

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Work by High Potential and Ian MacRae has been featured in media and specialist publications around the world.

High Potential & White Label Psychometrics

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We build our own workplace psychometrics, and have developed white label tests and assessments for a range of clients to measure personality, motivation, employee engagement, technical capability, cognitive abilities, problem-solving, consumer preferences and workplace culture.