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Explore our range of workplace psychometrics. They take 5 - 10 minutes to complete, and your report will be generated instantly on completion of the questionnaire.






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All of the tests come with detailed reports that are automatically generated based on your responses. Feel free to save or share your results and invite your colleagues to take the test too!


Dark Side Personality

Maze with lightbulb at the centre

Understand the dark side of your personality and how it affects your work and your relationships.

Workplace Personality

Icon of a brain to represent personality in gold

Assess your personality traits in the context of workplace behaviour and how your traits fit different job roles.

Workplace Motivation

Workplace motivation icon

Are you motivated by compensation, collaboration or creativity? What do you value most in your work? All of the above, or something else? See what motivates you most, and how that compares to other people.

Remote Work

Remote Working Icon Office, computer and home symbols

Do you have the skills necessary to survive and thrive in remote working environments? Assess your skills and identify key areas for improvement and growth.


Resilience - pushing bould up hill icon

What do you value in the workplace and how do you adapt to stress and change?